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Choose from any of our well-known K2 Incense blends! Available in all 50 states and anywhere else in the world, our incense is derived from 100% all natural plant material with no chemicals. Our herbs are the most potent in the world and come from some of the farthest reaches of the planet so you will not find these rare new blends with anyone else. Spicester Summit Potpourri Spicester Citron Potpourri Spicester Pink Potpourri Spicester Blue Potpourri Spicester Blonde Potpourri Spicester Thai Dream Mad Hatter Incense Original Phoria Kratom Green Label Kratom Red Label Kratom Blue Label Kratom

Why choose SPICESTER™ Products?

  1. 1. Our Spicester™ product lineup is Manufactured in the United States. Feel safe with a product from people that care.
  2. 2. Made with organic ingredients including natural plant materials.
  3. 3. Same day shipping. Free shipping on all orders. Express shipping is available.
  4. 4. No chemicals. 100% Organic.

Exactly what is in our Spicester™ Products?

Our spices are an assortment of luscious leaves that vary between one aroma to the next, however we use a collection of unique elements to give our Spicester Incense™ it's truly calm and relaxed effects. In contrast to rumors, Spicester™ Potpourri is a blend of exotic botanicals which are combined along with a range of proprietary ingredients.

Spicester Potpourri has been and will always be at the forefront of the potpourri industry. With our unique proprietary ingredients and extremely rare organic botanicals combined, the ultimate in Spicester products is created. Our rare botanicals come from all over the earth including amazonian rainforests, african wheat fields, temperate areas in the middle east and asian wetlands. All of our rare botanical ingredients have been used in herbal medication rituals and trends utilized by humans for thousands of years. Some commonly used botanicals are...

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)
Traditional to ancient chinese medicine, mugwort is used for moxibustion, for a wide variety of health issues.

Damiana Leaf (Turnera diffusa)
Native to the Americas, damiana produces small, aromatic flowers and leafs. With its spice-like aroma, damiana is considered to be a scientific aphrodisiac.

Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus)
Also known as Lion's Tail, Wild Dagga comes from ancient African traditional medicinal roots. Thought to cure many health problems such as fevers, headaches, infections, hypertension and more this miracle herb has the ability to benefit people with anxiety and depression due to its unique calming effects.

Passion Flower (Passiflora)
Being the same plant that produces Passion Fruit, the flower and leaves produced by this plant have many medicinal values. Our speicies have been found to contain organic chemicals, which are MAO inhibitors with anti-depressant properties.

How much does Spicester™ Potpourri cost?

Spicester™ Potpourri can be ordered online from anywhere from $10-$50 per gram based on the quality and quantity. We only carry 100% Legit, Official Spicester Brand Potpourri and with the maximum potency Spicester™ Potpourri obtainable anywhere at some of the most aggressive prices on the market. In fact we possess a lowest price assurance on all orders! If you are searching for the newest natural blend aromas than you must also check out our online store which is loaded full of the most recent Spicester herb flavors and varieties.

Where can I buy Spicester™ Potpourri online?

You can buy Spicester Potpourri right here through our online store. We use secure credit card processing with free home delivery on all orders. All orders are shipped USPS mail in an unmarked box or envelope to ensure discreet delivery. You must be 18 years of age to buy this product.